Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Celebrate your Birthday, as a Pilot's Wife!

So first rule of celebrating your birthday as a pilot's wife, you must not celebrate on your actual birthday.  This is sacrilege and one can conclude you're not really a pilot's wife if your husband is actually home on your birthday.

Second of all, what kind of pilots wife would you be if you didn't start your birthday off by an O'Dark thirty trip to the airport? You know your birthday is going to be great because you got up at 3am to take the pilot to the airport.  I had my phone all ready to take pictures of take offs/landings at the airport this morning but realized that dh was taking the first flight out, so this is a picture of the sunrise on the way home.

A few other fun ways to celebrate your birthday time are.....going to bed at 8:30 the night before, remember the 3am wake up?  Also no birthday morning is complete unless your pilot calls you to tell you the plane is packed and he has to be in the jump seat and he doesn't want to be because he can't sleep and he really hopes that the hotel I told him to book lets him check in early so he can take a nap when he gets there.  I can only hope the hotel lets him check in early otherwise that is all I will hear about on my birthday!