Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Then and Now

                A little over a year ago, when I dropped dh off at the airport on his way to training.

                                              Dh and I celebrating being off first year pay!!!

It's funny how things happen in life, when we moved to Chicago almost 2 years ago, dh wasn't based here and didn't work at the same airline he does today.  A little over a year ago dh was fortunate to be able to switch jobs, now of course that comes with a pay cut, but we were happy to take it vs staying where he was.  As with any job this one isn't perfect there have been a few issue's but they were actually resolved quickly.  Dh is now based at home, and it's been nothing short of amazing.  He' not exhausted all the time and worried, it's amazing what an impact a crappy job can have on your health.  He's loving actually having time off (even the months he's had a line) he actually has had enough time to go to quite a few car shows, and see his friends.

Over all we are so much happier at dh's new airline than at his previous. We even have a friend from his former airline who dh just helped to get hired here last month!