Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I am now a member of pinterest thanks to one of my jetgirl friends. There are a few things I like about it, mostly some of the recipes I have gotten from it, one in particular it's a great recipe
for tomato-basil parmesan soup. This is one of the only soups I have made that actually tastes good!

However, other than the recipes I'm not sure I understand the concept of pinterest....I feel a little like I am missing something. I just don't get the concept of trolling the internet looking for clothes you like then putting it on your board, I guess I am just confused....Are you going to buy that shirt? Do you have that shirt? If you like it and want it just go buy it? Now that's not to say I never use pinterest I do like the recipes, and a few of the quotes but that's it.

I know a few people who say it's addictive, I just don't know if I am truly missing something....OR if I'm not missing something, and just don't care much for it?

Friday, February 17, 2012

6 Days a Week

Pumpkin looks how I feel..............Since the one girl quit at my work I am now working 6 days a week!! Which btw sucks!! I work in the mornings which require me to get up at 5:45 this is my version of hell, as I am not a morning person. The fun part really is when the girl who works in the afternoon buys a new truck so she can't be there. This means I get to work from 7:15 in the morning go home for 2-3 hours around lunch then go back until at least 6:15!! This makes for an awful long day. This also means I have literally been doing NOTHING besides working. So this means I will spend my ONE day off this week cleaning the house, since of course John comes home on Monday, if it weren't for that fact I wouldn't even bother!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day...Sans the Pilot

So my pilot falls somewhere between the two camps of "If I'm not there for a holiday it doesn't happen." And "If I don't do Something she may kill me."

So he got me flowers the other day (Friday) and basically a pair of socks with a monkey on them. There were a few other things in the bag, but they were things I had already bought, oh and a card. I am sure this is the extent of anything that will be considered "For Valentines Day."

Now in all fairness I actually got him nothing (so far) not even a card. This may also have something to do with the fact that he's (optionally) staying in FL on this set of days off to hang out with his dad and play golf. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Valentine Day Freak, I'm not mad that he didn't come home because it's V-Day (I did in fact tell him it was fine if he stayed down there) however I do wish that he would have thought "Geee it would be nice to be home for three days, instead of hang out with my dad and play golf."

So this Valentines Day I will be hanging out with my neighbor and eating Chinese!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pilot's Concept of Time

So I am not sure if it's just my pilot, or if it's all pilot's, but mine has NO concept of time. Oh apparently he has a good grasp of time at work, but not at home. He's on time for his shows, and for his commute flights (as long as he's not running to take one home) his watch/phone appears to hold accurate time when he's at work, it's when he's home that's the problem.

If I for instance tell him I want to leave in half an hour, this will go unnoticed and seemingly ignored; instead he will finish whatever he was doing, then get ready, be it on time (shockingly rare) or more likely about 15min late.

Oh I have learned through the years that if he's working on a car or an airplane or really anything, if he says "It will take 45min." What he really means is "I don't know, but if I don't tell you something that sounds like a reasonable time your liable to get ticked, so in reality this will take me at Least 2 hours."

He is particularly bad about time in airports. I am the type of person who would rather get to the airport 2 hours early, go through security, then sit there and read my book or play on the computer. My husband....not so much. He forgets that I can't (depends on the airport and TSA) go through the crew line, so he constantly pushes for us to get to the airport an hour before the flight. When I say get to the airport I mean driving into the park and shuttle, then still taking another 10-15min to GET to the airport. Now in his defense if I non-rev there is no reason to get there that early as I won't know until the last minute if I make it or not anyway, but since I usually buy a ticket I don't want to miss my flight! I have learned this and accepted it, so I occasionally alter my times to jive with his "concept of time."

So I have started combating this issue by simply telling him my plane (or whatever I want him on time for) is earlier than it really is. One of the last times I flew with him he caught onto this though, and was annoyed that I had told him the flight left 20min earlier than it really did. Really your going to throw a hissy fit over 20min, when you tell me 45min and mean 2 hours? Since he knows how to use a clock at work, maybe I should get him a talking watch for when he's home?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What the Flight Attendent Button is REALLY for....

So John and went to Houston for a short two days last week to go see my dr. As you may remember I hate nonreving. So of course I bought tickets. All went well on the way down there I (of course) got on the flight with my happy paid for ticket, and John did as well jump seating.

However on the way back...not so much....I had planned the ticket perfectly so I had just enough time to get in and pick up the dogs on the way home, perfect timing right? Well it was until one of the flights through DAL (which is where I was connecting) was cancelled, which then led to an overflow on my flight, which of course wasn't a problem for me, since I paid for a ticket. However, this didn't work so well for John who was jumping. John was at this point "gate surfing" which means he's hanging out waiting to see if he can get on. I pass him when I get on and say "If you don't make this flight at least get the truck keys to me." We love each other a lot right? So I'm happily sitting on the plane in the front (only have 30min connect), when I hear the FA say "Christy? can you ring the FA call button."

My first thought was crap they're going to take me off the plane, oh wait I paid for this ticket so I'm good there, just my luck there's something wrong with my ticket? Why did they let me on then? So I reach up and hit the bell (first time Ever)...the FA walks back holding (guess what??) my truck keys!!! And says "your husband said to give you these, he won't make it on."

Perfect! So that meant I had to go pick up the dogs, drive them home, feed the horses, then drive BACK into town to pick up John later that night....but now I finally know what the FA call button is for.......