Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Official...John's going to Allegiant!!

Well its official!! John's last day at XJT will be April 9th, though he gets done flying a trip on the 8th. He will then be on his way to sunny Las Vegas for FO (first officer for non-airline people) training at Allegiant! It has happened so fast just a week ago today he had an interview, then they called to offer him the job 2 days later!

We are both excited but kind of sad to leave XJT. XJT has a lot of good people working there and I know that John (and I) will miss them, but of course keep up with them on facebook :)

As for the job itself I know a few things..not alot yet but...Allegiant does NO overnights! Which is great if you live in base but we don't so it (I am thinking) will end up being a schedule kind of like he has now...4 at work away from home and 2 at home which is pretty much what we are used to so that is fine. Also (everyone keep fingers crossed we could use good luck on this) the rumor is that some of the new hires *might* be going to IWA (which is PHX Mesa airport) this would be great!!

So with all this in mind and John had a DEN trip this time I decided to go on an overnight with him since it will be the last time I get to do one while he is at XJT and the last time I will get to do a trip where he is CA for a good 5-10 years! We got some good pictures and the tsa people in GJT (Grand Junction) were super nice and let me go out on the ramp and take some pics with him.

I keep calling him First Officer John right now to get him used to that again since he has been a Captain for about 5 years now. Of course any move he would make anywhere would put him at the bottom of the seniority list somewhere, but overall its a step up and we are both very excited! We (I) will definitely keep everyone posted!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I've been MIA for about a week, we went to visit Johns dad in FL and had a great time, made even better by the fact that I had tix and didn't have to non-rev! I'll post pics soon :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outta left field....and the regional stockholm syndrome

So completely out of left field we (John) gets a call from an Airline (to be nameless right now) to do an interview on Monday! We'll to be honest were pretty surprised! All John did was hand them a resume last October and that was it. Didn't apply on line, didn't do anything else and they called! So it's kind of exciting that at least someone is kind of interested in hiring him...we just weren't thinking it would be this one. So we have done some research on them as we knew pretty much nothing about them, seems they only do day trips which is great if your in hub...but were not.....also their pay is on a sliding scale...which does kinda bite the big one...The good is that they were only 1 of 2 airlines to actually make money when gas went up in 2008-2009 the other was swa. As a whole I haven't heard a whole lot of negative from other pilots at said airline.

Now here is where Stockholm syndrome sets in.......John's gotten pretty senior where he is as in he even got a really good line this month.....It appears (fingers crossed and all) that he won't get too screwed on the merger with his doh, and almost more importantly than anything our health ins with his company right now is Amazing!!! Pretty important for us! Also his pay where he's at is pretty good, and so is his vaca time...Hard telling what to do but I see why people get stuck at the regional level.

But at any rate this has turned my husband into a complete nut job! Constantly asking me..."should I take the job if they offer it." "Should I not take the job" he waivers about 60 times a day. Also he is in the process of applying for a job in Japan (bad timing right?) but I guess they wanted something done that was different with the logbook than we do in the states? Blah blah blah logbook...I don't really know...other than it has consumed 2 of the 3 days he's been home....can you tell how happy I am about that?

We will see what happens next Monday I guess!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Texas....Tomorrow....and Southwest...

So I have a love hate relationship with many of you know....I love the cheapness of it...Why yes I would like a house, barn and 5 acres for $150,000 thanks. I also love the restaurants, and the fact that it was John's base and he could go back again. The fact that they pay their teachers an acceptable amount to start with also helps....Now the bad...

So just a quick recap for those not familiar with the story...John and I were in car/motorcycle accident in Texas. We were on the motorcycle and she literally turned into use to make a left hand turn, then took off and left us laying in the road...Awesome...

So John had under insured/no insurance coverage which was great...while it wouldn't have payed alot it might have payed for half the co-pays related to his (at the time) 3 surgeries. But in the Great State of Texas...Blue Cross Blue Shield can put a lien on all money we would get, not that its alot but really? We always paid the co-pays and on time...this is what you have insurance for right? So basically by the time BCBS was done screwing us we got nothing...Awsome...Strike one for Texas...some dumbass tort reform...

Now for the (lets call her SB stupid bitch) that left us in the road...someone behind us took off and chased her until she had to stop because John with his leg and somehow knocked her bumper off and given her a flat tire. So great we know who did this right? No it wouldn't have mattered, she had NOTHING (let me say not looking to get rich but at least pay the co-pays and some of the 4 YEARS John was off work for this). She didn't own the car (her boyfriends) no insurance and no house.....Awsome.....So we went to court she owes us money enough to maybe...maybe...cover the co-pays.....if she ever gets a job she's supposed to pay us installments right?

Flash forward to a few months back. We haven't heard anything in about 2 years we are still assuming she is in jail right? Nope...she got out committed another Felony AND (this is my favorite part sarcasm...) She now doesn't owe us ANYTHING!!!! Not like we were counting on getting it anyway but it's the principle...Because in Texas since her most recent Felony was more severe than ours it just deletes what she owes us...I could not F***ing believe it!!! Even John was really pissed!!

So bring us up to tomorrow...Tomorrow depresses me (and John)....Because the Southwest Pilot window opens....(and we actually know people there!) This depresses me because if she hadn't hit us John could apply as he would have enough time to meet the requirements...but as it stands now he doesn't.....pretty much sucks...think I'll have a drink.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Always entertaining :)

So I was talking to John this afternoon while he was at the overnight hotel, and in the background I hear an alarm go off....
"This is an emergency please do not use the elevators, use the stairs"

Complete with sirens so of course before John hung up with me I'm yelling into the phone "Take your wallet, licenses and phone with you!"

Of course it turns out there was no emergency or fire or anything else, but there's always fun to be had on an overnight right?