Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Husband The Five Year Old

So normally when dh has anything less than 3 days off he stays in FL and plays golf with his dad and hangs out. We mutually agreed (because of the hellish commute) it was a complete PITA to get home for less than 3 days.....So flash forward to this week, he only had 2 days off, and I had something come up that if it happened I would Absolutely need him home for. This would have entailed him coming home Monday night, and leaving Wednesday at O-dark-thirty. So last week when I told him something came up and I *may* need him to come home for Tuesday the conversation went like this....

Me: "I might need you to come home for Tuesday to help me out, I'll let you know for sure in a day or two but I wanted to give you some warning."

Him: "What? But I'm playing golf with my dad those days, and we have things planned. If I have to come home and help out then YOU have to call my dad and tell him I won't be there."

Hmmm...Say What? For one thing it's not as if this is the ONLY time he'll have gotten to play golf with his dad...he does it once a week to once a month depending on his schedule, remember he doesn't come home unless he has more than 3 days off, so he's had plenty of time to play golf. And really? really? You are going to whine about coming home and helping me? Excuse me? And then you want ME to call your dad and talk to him (don't get me wrong I love his dad) but REALLY?

Well it turns out I didn't need him to come home and got everything figured out myself...because god forbid we inconvenience the pilot!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Do other people Get It?

Amazing how often dh and I will talk about something and it's the same (type) of conversation that is going on at one of the pilot wife websites I visit.

Most recently on one of the websites someone was talking about how their friends didn't understand when she said her husband was gone for 12 days (or so) that he was really GONE. Not just that he was working 12 days in a row, and coming home every night. It really is hard to explain to people who have a 9-5 job.

On the flip side it's hard for me to tolerate people who complain about their husbands/wives being gone for 4 days a month. Now I know that this is probably a dramatic event for them, but really don't complain to me about it and expect to get much sympathy. In the same respect I wouldn't go on a military spouse forum and complain about my husband being gone for 10 days, they'd laugh me out of there (as they should) their spouses are gone for WAY longer!

The consensus of the discussion was that unless people actually have to live it they don't really Get It. I would have to say that's mostly true, though I do have a great group of friends who know how much dh is gone and really understand that when he's gone for 10 days, he's Gone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Endometriosis Awareness Month

I love this quote and how it was paired with the yellow awareness ribbon, I wish I knew how to do pictures like this! I snagged this one from somewhere on facebook.

Since March is Endometriosis awareness month I thought it would be a nice idea to highlight some good Endo blogs throughout the month, starting with this one

Friday, March 9, 2012

No Internet or TV??

So I come home last Friday after having a fantastic dinner out with some friends, hop on the elliptical, turn on the TV so I can entertain myself on the elliptical and....NOTHING.....ummm.....

So my wonderful husband has a universal remote that sometimes (I admit) I screw up and hit the wrong button then spend the rest of the time he's gone switching between the TV remote, stereo remote, tivo get the picture. So I assume I have some how caused great distress to the universal remote again, grab the TV this point it's almost crisis mode. While some of you may think I'm being a wimp about this, I've been working 6 days a week sometimes 9 hours a day until they hire someone else which can't come soon enough! But that being said I have about 2 hours a day at home that I watch TV and hop on the elliptical, sorry but I want to watch TV for that time.

Also and perhaps even worse at this point was that the Internet was down as well as having no TV (by no TV I mean I can't even watch DVD's). That actually qualified this AS a Crisis. So I call my happy husband at midnight his time (no, he didn't have to work the next day, unless you consider playing golf "work") much to his dismay. His first question was "did you look to see if everything is plugged in?" Well I did, but how would I know? The entire area behind the TV is a giant mess of wires and cords which is impossible for anyone but him to navigate. I didn't see anything clearly wrong and politely told him so.

His next solution is clearly the best "I don't know what's wrong with it from here, wait until Monday when I come home and I'll fix it."

WHAT? Sorry that's not an acceptable answer. No Internet or TV for 3 days?! I could do without one or the other but not both! So I again politely told him to shove it, and that if I couldn't fix it I'd call someone that could.....which of course he was unhappy about. I finally figured out (after much arguing) that one of our cats had decided to go crawling through the jungle of cords (in search of god knows what) and had stepped on the power cord and flipped the whole thing off! Problem Solved......AND I didn't have to wait until Monday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So I was thinking of one "accessory" I could not live without (esp here in the desert at 6,000 feet)....and that is chapstick. This has to be the single most important/used item I have next to hand cream. I have about a million tubes of chapstick floating around and almost every time I go to the store I buy more! I'm not really sure what brought this on, I think it was because on one of the hysterectomy sites I am on someone wanted an idea of what to bring for a hospital stay. Some of these people go crazy making lists I have only 2 things, my glasses and of course chapstick. I am pretty sure chapstick makes the world turn!