Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full Circle

So a year ago today (we'll it's after midnight now, but it wasn't when I started this!) we got married at the Mt. Charleston Lodge And today we found out John will be based in LAS!

In anticipation of him being based in LAS we took a drive up there last week when I went out to LAS. There happen to be cabins/homes up near the Lodge, in fact they are just a little further down the road in this picture. So we went up and drove around to check out a few places to *maybe* stay. A few of the places even allow horses, which is always a plus. It's hard to believe that all this is only 40min from the airport and the strip in LAS!!

Disclaimer to all our friends in NM *maybe* means we will still be here (maybe just not as much esp. for the first year) but John needs a crashpad or something in LAS since he will be on reserve.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rat Pack's Newest Member ... John!

So lots of pictures this time, in honor of the Sahara which is closing on May 16th. I am truly sad that we never discovered this place until really about 2 weeks ago, it is by far my FAVORITE place on the strip! These pictures are at the "House of the Lords." which is their nice restaurant.

How could you not love the decor???

The decor gets even better with all the pictures of the rat pack! I love this place and am so sad its going to close....I also want to know if I can take some of the pictures off the wall....?

This is what we first discovered about the Sahara....Karaoke! This time John sang "New York, New York." Which was by far his best he can actually sing quite well, and all the "old timers" really liked it! Then he sang "Sweet Caroline" how could you not like that

song? Everyone sang along....Then he sang "Home" for me...all I have to say is he tried his best on that one :) by that time there weren't a lot of people left.

All in all we will definitely be back before they close!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cooking and entertaining ponies.....

So I had to laugh at this pic...I was trying to get a good close up of NeNe eating....but this is what I got and it looks like the sun is shinning out of his as*. I pretty sure he thinks it does but I love this pic!

This is NeNe apparently very concerned that the airplane over there was going to eat his dinner. He would grab a bite look up and stare...

These are the BEST cookies I have ever had in my life! My mom got me a holiday cookie cookbook for Christmas and these are in there., I was looking for something different to send with John for training and these looked interesting....They are sooo good...I don't remember what the name is but I call them Mountain Volcanoes....its a mix of cream cheese, coconut and pecans in the middle, and chocolate drizzled over the top....soooo goood....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Day

Well Monday is officially John's last day at XJT, but his last trip ended yesterday afternoon! So when I went to the airport to pic him up I snagged the last few pics.... John showing off..... And a nice pic of us!
John is off to LAS tomorrow for 6 weeks(ish) of training. I'm actually really excited for Monday because hopefully we will find out his schedule while in training and find out his new base!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

So last Thursday we set out to LAS...driving of course because John will need a car out there when he starts training on Monday! After what seems like a forever long drive we arrived in time to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant Todai, which is a sushi buffet. After that we got the chance to meet one of the other guys in Johns new hire class and his wife. Nate and Ashley were great and we had fun walking the strip and having a few drinks.

The next day some of our friends arrived in which we walked the strip some more and had a few more drinks! On Saturday we went to dinner at this German restaurant Hofbrauhaus House. Where we had tons of fun, tons of beer and sang while standing on our chairs! Then it was off to the Sahara for $1 blackjack....though we never even played the tables were so full, but we found something better!! Karaoke!! I manged to convince John to sing "New York New York" which he did very well. The Sahara was like a time machine it was amazing!! There were all these older guys and a few older show girls singing and they were excellent!

We even got an extra day in Vegas due to SWA planes becoming convertibles, I have bad luck (for the most part) when I fly even when I have tickets! But we made it back a day later than planned but had a great time.