Friday, February 21, 2014

A Hot Tub in Crisis

Don't mind Goober he likes the hot tub too!

 So for those of you new to this blog we have had hot tub issues before. Though that one was many years ago this one almost rivals it, not because dh wasn't home, he was, but because of his reaction to his beloved hot tub. So I had finally acquiesced and agreed to sit in the hot tub, I'm not a fan and I refuse to sit in it when it's below 10 because if my hair gets wet it freezes, not my idea of a good time. So dh was ecstatic I agreed to go out it was finally warm enough, only to see dh vacantly stare/sob at the hot tub. At this point I grab my coat and go outside to see whats going on. As I peer into the hot tub with dh and see it's almost completely empty, I start laughing....maybe it's because I'm mean, maybe it's because I didn't want to go in it, most likely it's because I was happy dh was here when it broke this time. Seeing as it's 9 at night and dark dh killed the power to the hot tub just to save the motor if it hadn't burnt out already, and figured he would look at it the next day.

As we are going into the house my husband makes the *best* comment I have heard in a while "What have I done to deserve this?"

 Now this comment seemed like overkill to me....sure he could have been complaining about a number of more legitimate "issues"(not sure he's going to be able to go on vacation with the whole family that was planned last year, the 800 snow storms we have had) anyone of these might have been a better use of the phrase, but right now he's far more bothered by the hot tub not working than anything. Though he did have the good gracious to say that his statement *might* have been overkill and a little extreme....ya think?

 At any rate alls well that ends well. I had to work the next couple of days so dh had time to fix his he's back to bugging me to go in!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Year Pay Survival

Congrats! You just got hired at an airline....unless you got hired at someplace uber cool like DAL, FEDEX, UPS or SWA you're on first year and it sucks......First things first you are automatically if's, ands, or buts, you better stop at McDonalds on the way home and pick up and app....not a latte you can't afford that now.

If there is anything worse than first year pay it's first year training pay.  It blows, along with the funness of training...being away from your family, the stress of training and it costs you money you still have to eat don't you?

If you survive training you have to (most likely) look forward to living in a crashpad!  Welcome to the wonderful life of crashpadding, it stinks and it's expensive.  You have a house/apt/condo (you're already paying for) but all of the sudden you're living and paying $250 a month for hot bunking in beautiful Elizabeth NJ.

Even if you happen to be forutnate enough to live in base and be on reserve you still (in some airlines) have to look forward to sitting reserve in the airport! You may get lucky enough to NOT have to have a crashpad BUT you still don't get to sit at home, this also makes the job at McDonalds harder to get to!

Guess what?? Now it's Christmas/Birthday time!  But there is a rule on first year pay....No holidays.  Holidays cost money and unless that McDonalds you're working at gives you free gift cards for Christmas presents.  Santa doesn't come on first year pay.

By this time in the game you should be nice and thin though, they don't pay you enough to eat...except Ramen...did you know they actually make a Rapid Ramen Cooker you probably didn't but you know now!

So all in all first year pay blows, but you can always look forward to second year pay!