Thursday, June 30, 2011

Las Vegas...New Mexico!

Since John actually had 3 days off, and my mom is here (so she can watch the animals) we decided to do a one day trip to Las Vegas...New Mexico!

We had driven by Las Vegas a lot on the way to Denver, but never stopped, besides to get gas. So off we went! After exploring a while I decided I LOVE this town. There is tons of history and these pics are from the train station, which I love and (if you couldn't tell) was recently renovated.

This is the La Castaneda Hotel. It was built in 1898, and is next to the train station as it used to be a stop over hotel for the train passengers. This was by FAR my FAVORITE place in Las Vegas. If you look closely in the window you can see a Bud Light sign that is lit up.

This is what La Castaneda looks like from the train tracks.

This is another view of the hotel from the back.

This is the bar inside the La Castaneda. Remember there was a neon Bud Light sign in the window? The rest of the hotel is closed and the bar is only open from 3pm-8pm. The lady who owns it has owned it for 40 years! She used to have a restaurant open and the ballroom but said that the bar was the only thing that made money. It's now for sale so I felt lucky to be able to go in at all and chat with her, it was fascinating. I hope to get up there again before she sells and see if she will let wander me around the place it is 25,000 sq feet!

This is the hotel we actually stayed in the Plaza Hotel. It was built in 1882 and was very interesting as well, but I think the La Castaneda was much more of a unique looking building.

Overall we had a great time and actually may be going back this Saturday, of course who knows if John will have Saturday off. Such is the life of a pilots wife, especially a pilot on reserve!

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