Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Sad Pirate

So I've been on hiatus for a while while I was bumming it in Florida, with a big thanks to my mom for watching the herd while I was down there for almost 3 weeks! That being said I've got tons of pictures and stories I'll put up here in the next few weeks, but this is my favorite!

So since we have our annual passes to Disney we decided to hop over to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours at night to bum around. We hadn't been on Pirates of the Caribbean in a while and there was basically NO line so we decided why not? We hop on a boat with a family behind us and some (at the time) annoying teenagers in the front. So we go through the ride uneventfully and are 3-4 boats from the end, I can SEE the unloading dock, for those of you who know Pirates well, we were at the end where the dog is holding the keys and the pirates are trying to get out of jail. So at this point we see the people get off the boat at the dock then wait...and wait....and wait....then they start with the announcements "please remain seated the ride will continue in a minute." Ok I figure they are loading someone on that was slow or something, fine. So we sit there for what 10 minutes? At which point I figure something is wrong..........Then another announcement something about powering down and powering up, at which point I figure they are hitting the crlt+alt+dlt of the Pirates ride.

Another 5 minutes they try the restart of pirates again....Another 5 minutes they do it again. At which point they finally turn the music off and bring up the house lights so to speak. That is, of course, when I took the picture of John in the boat. So another 20 minutes goes announcements, no people walking around, nothing except all of us in the boat taking pictures and being loud. So finally we hear an announcement "All available pirates to door 4." So we look behind us and all the boats that were piled up behind us are gone!

So finally we see people come out from behind the scenes carrying something that looks like a bridge!!! Finally!!! So someone who looks like a higher up and a peon stand there and look at the bridge for about 5 minutes I'm not kidding. So of course in this time we're all still bored and in the boat taking pictures. The higher up personal person Freaks out in the most undisney fashion I have ever seen it was kind of funny, apparently they didn't brain wash her enough. So we're taking pictures (the lady behind me had a video camera)and she starts yelling "That is not appropriate don't take pictures we don't need these on the internet." I'm thinking really? We've been sitting here for 45min do you think it's not already there?

So then after looking at the bridge for 5 min they move it AWAY!! At which one of the teenagers starts yelling "That is not appropriate." It was hysterical! For the rest of the time we sat there everyone in the boat keep saying "That is not appropriate."

So after another 10 min they send some guy out in waders who jumps in the water and pushes our boat back to the unloading spot, come to find out we were the second to last boat to get unloaded! So after we get out (in the town scene by the bridge with the pirate on it) we are led backstage and out a back door, that lands us in the behind the scenes Disney. We walk out where they are starting to line up the floats for the light parade it was pretty cool to see! All in all it wasn't too bad our adventure only took about an hour and a half from start to finish. Apparently someone forgot to say Good Night/Good Morning to George!

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