Saturday, February 16, 2013

Somewhere between 13.1

So here I am somewhere between two 13.1 runs.  First off let me say I have had no idea how to train between running two 13.1's ...None!  Secondly,  I haven't had much time to train, John ended up having back surgery (cyst on spine) so I haven't had a chance to do anything!

Now for my other  After my 13.1 fun run from last month I could hardly walk in my Saucony Hurricanes (shown left) though I ran fine in them.  So I think maybe it's time to switch shoes and end up with Brooks Adrenaline (middle).  I did manage to sneak in 10 miles and they seemed ok, at least I could walk the next day which was better than the Saucony.  The shoes on the right are my tried and true Nike Vomero 5.  I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes for walking, they are fantastic!  However when I run in them (besides being 1/2 size to small to really run in) they feel like marshmallows and it seems I have to work twice as hard to pick up my feet.  The cushioning that I so love on them when I walk is a hindrance when I run.

I am optimistic that when I run my next 13.1 in a week that the Brooks will allow me to be comfortable after the run, without the use of beer!

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