Friday, October 4, 2013

Yep, that's my parking spot!

I'd love to say this wasn't my parking job, but it was.  I have an explanation for it sort of it has more to do with my impatience than anything else.  Remember how much I disliked the  Princess 1/2 marathon?

Well the crowds at the race and expo were nothing compared to the crowds at the park....and in this particular instance the Polynesian.  See we were going to go to the Polynesian to eat dinner I love the Kona Cafe!  However upon arriving there was NO place to park, and by NO I mean NO, not just that it was a long way to walk.  Not to mention the other 50 cars circling the lot like vultures looking for a spot.  So I decided to make my own! Hard to tell from this angle but it was the perfect made spot! I was out of the way so people could drive behind me (hence why I pulled up to the tree and angled just like the rest of the cars so everyone could still get out.  Alas we were only in this spot for about 1/2 hour...the line for the Kona Cafe was horribly long, I would probably be eating now if we had stayed.  But to my defense when we left we had people waiting to take my "parking spot."

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