Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buy Buy Baby

So for those of you that don't know us that well we are not kid people.  Don't get me wrong we LOVE our nephew we're just glad he isn't ours. So this humorous tale beings in fact because of our nephew.  We (I dragging dh with me)were on the hunt for a Christmas present for him.

So we go into Buy Buy Baby (apparently not where you can actually BUY a baby) but none the less this turned out to be VERY entertaining.  Our Buy Buy Baby is located in an old mall (we call it the dead mall bc when we were kids it was) so it's set up a bit weird, it's an outside mall, but with two levels.  Regardless we walk in the door and take the escalor up. 

Perhaps now is the time to mention my husband looks like a bum. And by bum I mean I have seen better dressed people asking for money in Chicago.  He is wearing the fleece pants pictured above, a pair of old hiking boots, and a multicolored fleece type of jacket from the 90's.  He is also wearing a ball cap probably his John Deere one I can't remember (but that is his new favorite so it's a safe bet).  Also he is carrying his travel coffee mug that is extremely brightly decorated, if I thought people wouldn't go running in horror I would have taken pics of the jacket and coffee mug as well.  I am fairing a little better in jeans and sweatshirt, but I have my monkey hat on.

So we get about half way up the escalor and it starts to smell, just a little at first but by the time we get to the top it's pretty strong.  At this point we're converisng about how bad it smells in the store and trying to figure out what it is.  I finally find the toy section I am looking for, but by this time dh is beyond reason. He's standing there (drinking his coffee) going "Just get something it smells so bad in here I'm going to throw up."  Along with some other humerous comments that are making me laugh hysterically.  I'm trying to tell him to breath through his mouth, but he just tells me he can taste it then.  So I spend (what seems like forever) looking for what I want settle for my second choice, because by now I can't take the smell anymore and people are staring at us (well mainly dh). 

I grab my treasure and dh happily follows to check out.  The lady who was checking out in front of us was very quick about it, she was probably terrified of dh who was still going "what is that god awful smell."  While she is checking out we grab a gift card for my dad for Panera, which somewhat surprised me being in a store like that, though as dh remarked (loudly) that the parents needed some time away from the kids so they didn't kill each other or the kids.  We finally check out which was no doubt the fastest I have ever gone through checkout anywhere!  Finally we were back on the escalator at which point dh remarked "we don't ever need to go in that store again....that's what amazon is for!"

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