Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Husband, The Fixer Part II

The hot tub was the culprit this time, you can see small icicles still hanging from the deck

So I thought I could get away with only one thing happening while he was gone remember the tank heaters?

I am a good wife (most the time :) and since last night was John's first night in his new crashpad and he had only his phone for an alarm clock I told him I would wake up just to call him and make sure he was awake. Perhaps this is what I get for being a good wife. So I dutifully set my phone alarm for 2am (4am in FLL) and promptly pass out on the couch, also bear in mind I had to work again this morning. My alarm goes off and I grab for the phone....turn the alarm off... call John to make sure he is awake, which he is. Then I have to put the dogs out, because now that I'm kind of awake they think it's time to play! Yea! We do the dog shuffle, and I head to the bed....

I walk into the bedroom and I am met by a peculiar noise, something like a cross between a machine gun and a type writer. AWESOME! The only thing that could make this god awful noise can be our hot tub which is located directly outside our bedroom door. I stagger over to the door, swearing profusely while the dogs promptly fall asleep, as the noise doesn't bother them they won't have to fix it. Open the door, the noise gets louder and I confirm it's coming from the hot tub. Really where else would it be coming from at 2am, but someplace outside in the snow?

Again since I am having SO much FUN I call my husband, after all I know he's awake. This conversation was a little less civil than the one I had about the tank heaters at 6am, after all I was barely awake and had anticipated going back to sleep. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Your F**ING hot tub is making machine gun noises
Him: What?
Me: Are you F**ING deaf your hot tub is dying what do you want me to do? can I unplug it?
Him: No, you have to go downstairs and flip the circuit, then you have to drain it.
Me: What? I'll flip the circuit but can't you do this Monday???
Him: No it needs to be done now (again its 2am and I have to get up to work in the morning) other wise it will freeze blah blah blah, or something I had stopped listening to him at that point

So anyway like a good wife I traipse downstairs turn the damn thing off go upstairs where I then need directions on how to drain it.

Him: You need a knife
Me: What? Why? I can't kill you over the phone
Him: Haha you need it to turn the lock to open the door to get to the drain
Me:What? I'm sorry it's 2AM!!
Him: It's not hard
Me: Yes it is I can't see it, and I have flip flops on in 2-3inches of snow I'm freezing why can't you ever be home when shi* like this happens?

I finally find the lock open it, then turn the valve to drain it......

By the time I fall back asleep it's 3am....Sweet......

I guess only time will tell if there will be a Part III in this saga!


  1. Part III.....broken airplane on commute home day.

  2. I know this wasn't a funny story at the time, but you have a way with words! Great telling of the story and I feel that if we had a hot tub, this convo could have TOTALLY happened between my pilot and myself! Made me LOL :) Hope all goes well with repairs...