Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outta left field....and the regional stockholm syndrome

So completely out of left field we (John) gets a call from an Airline (to be nameless right now) to do an interview on Monday! We'll to be honest were pretty surprised! All John did was hand them a resume last October and that was it. Didn't apply on line, didn't do anything else and they called! So it's kind of exciting that at least someone is kind of interested in hiring him...we just weren't thinking it would be this one. So we have done some research on them as we knew pretty much nothing about them, seems they only do day trips which is great if your in hub...but were not.....also their pay is on a sliding scale...which does kinda bite the big one...The good is that they were only 1 of 2 airlines to actually make money when gas went up in 2008-2009 the other was swa. As a whole I haven't heard a whole lot of negative from other pilots at said airline.

Now here is where Stockholm syndrome sets in.......John's gotten pretty senior where he is as in he even got a really good line this month.....It appears (fingers crossed and all) that he won't get too screwed on the merger with his doh, and almost more importantly than anything our health ins with his company right now is Amazing!!! Pretty important for us! Also his pay where he's at is pretty good, and so is his vaca time...Hard telling what to do but I see why people get stuck at the regional level.

But at any rate this has turned my husband into a complete nut job! Constantly asking me..."should I take the job if they offer it." "Should I not take the job" he waivers about 60 times a day. Also he is in the process of applying for a job in Japan (bad timing right?) but I guess they wanted something done that was different with the logbook than we do in the states? Blah blah blah logbook...I don't really know...other than it has consumed 2 of the 3 days he's been home....can you tell how happy I am about that?

We will see what happens next Monday I guess!!!

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