Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Official...John's going to Allegiant!!

Well its official!! John's last day at XJT will be April 9th, though he gets done flying a trip on the 8th. He will then be on his way to sunny Las Vegas for FO (first officer for non-airline people) training at Allegiant! It has happened so fast just a week ago today he had an interview, then they called to offer him the job 2 days later!

We are both excited but kind of sad to leave XJT. XJT has a lot of good people working there and I know that John (and I) will miss them, but of course keep up with them on facebook :)

As for the job itself I know a few things..not alot yet but...Allegiant does NO overnights! Which is great if you live in base but we don't so it (I am thinking) will end up being a schedule kind of like he has now...4 at work away from home and 2 at home which is pretty much what we are used to so that is fine. Also (everyone keep fingers crossed we could use good luck on this) the rumor is that some of the new hires *might* be going to IWA (which is PHX Mesa airport) this would be great!!

So with all this in mind and John had a DEN trip this time I decided to go on an overnight with him since it will be the last time I get to do one while he is at XJT and the last time I will get to do a trip where he is CA for a good 5-10 years! We got some good pictures and the tsa people in GJT (Grand Junction) were super nice and let me go out on the ramp and take some pics with him.

I keep calling him First Officer John right now to get him used to that again since he has been a Captain for about 5 years now. Of course any move he would make anywhere would put him at the bottom of the seniority list somewhere, but overall its a step up and we are both very excited! We (I) will definitely keep everyone posted!!!

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