Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

So last Thursday we set out to LAS...driving of course because John will need a car out there when he starts training on Monday! After what seems like a forever long drive we arrived in time to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant Todai, which is a sushi buffet. After that we got the chance to meet one of the other guys in Johns new hire class and his wife. Nate and Ashley were great and we had fun walking the strip and having a few drinks.

The next day some of our friends arrived in which we walked the strip some more and had a few more drinks! On Saturday we went to dinner at this German restaurant Hofbrauhaus House. Where we had tons of fun, tons of beer and sang while standing on our chairs! Then it was off to the Sahara for $1 blackjack....though we never even played the tables were so full, but we found something better!! Karaoke!! I manged to convince John to sing "New York New York" which he did very well. The Sahara was like a time machine it was amazing!! There were all these older guys and a few older show girls singing and they were excellent!

We even got an extra day in Vegas due to SWA planes becoming convertibles, I have bad luck (for the most part) when I fly even when I have tickets! But we made it back a day later than planned but had a great time.


  1. Christy! Sounds like you and John had a good time... wish we could have stayed longer. The Hofbrauhaus sounds great, where is that?! Karaoke sounds fun too. I haven't done that in a really long time.

    Maybe after the guys get done with training we can spend a night out in Vegas or something. Sorry to hear about the convertible issue. Hopefully you'll have a great flight next time to make up for it!

  2. The Hofbrauhaus is right by the Hard Rock Casino, it's tons of fun! We should definately get together. Is that Allegiant "reception" thing on Friday the 15th for wives too? If it is I was thinking of maybe trying to get out there for that...