Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rat Pack's Newest Member ... John!

So lots of pictures this time, in honor of the Sahara which is closing on May 16th. I am truly sad that we never discovered this place until really about 2 weeks ago, it is by far my FAVORITE place on the strip! These pictures are at the "House of the Lords." which is their nice restaurant.

How could you not love the decor???

The decor gets even better with all the pictures of the rat pack! I love this place and am so sad its going to close....I also want to know if I can take some of the pictures off the wall....?

This is what we first discovered about the Sahara....Karaoke! This time John sang "New York, New York." Which was by far his best he can actually sing quite well, and all the "old timers" really liked it! Then he sang "Sweet Caroline" how could you not like that

song? Everyone sang along....Then he sang "Home" for me...all I have to say is he tried his best on that one :) by that time there weren't a lot of people left.

All in all we will definitely be back before they close!!

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  1. Crap... that sounds like a fun place! I'd love to go there before they close. Maybe one weekend we can all go there. (: