Sunday, October 23, 2011

Non-reving...on a LAS....

As I was sitting here I was wondering who Sammy was...I bet Sammy was a non-rev who got stuck here and made a pile of money by opening this bar in LAS.

So lets just start out by saying, I have horrible luck (in general) esp non-reving. I can tell tales of horror about many different airports though BNA has a special place in my heart for that.

Las Vegas is not a non-revers paradise by any means. This place is ALWAYS busy (can you tell I am there now?) Out of my three attempts I have only managed 1 successful non-rev trip to and from LAS, and apparently that was a fluke. Last weekend...was definately not my lucky day, after sitting here for 10hours I ended up buying a $300 ticket so I could make it to work on Monday.

So far today isn't looking much better, but I do have a better back up. John has to drive his car to ABQ after his trip today, so if I haven't gotten out of here by then I am in for a 8 hour car ride! But at least it's not a $300 ticket.

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