Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Husband The Five Year Old

So normally when dh has anything less than 3 days off he stays in FL and plays golf with his dad and hangs out. We mutually agreed (because of the hellish commute) it was a complete PITA to get home for less than 3 days.....So flash forward to this week, he only had 2 days off, and I had something come up that if it happened I would Absolutely need him home for. This would have entailed him coming home Monday night, and leaving Wednesday at O-dark-thirty. So last week when I told him something came up and I *may* need him to come home for Tuesday the conversation went like this....

Me: "I might need you to come home for Tuesday to help me out, I'll let you know for sure in a day or two but I wanted to give you some warning."

Him: "What? But I'm playing golf with my dad those days, and we have things planned. If I have to come home and help out then YOU have to call my dad and tell him I won't be there."

Hmmm...Say What? For one thing it's not as if this is the ONLY time he'll have gotten to play golf with his dad...he does it once a week to once a month depending on his schedule, remember he doesn't come home unless he has more than 3 days off, so he's had plenty of time to play golf. And really? really? You are going to whine about coming home and helping me? Excuse me? And then you want ME to call your dad and talk to him (don't get me wrong I love his dad) but REALLY?

Well it turns out I didn't need him to come home and got everything figured out myself...because god forbid we inconvenience the pilot!

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