Friday, March 9, 2012

No Internet or TV??

So I come home last Friday after having a fantastic dinner out with some friends, hop on the elliptical, turn on the TV so I can entertain myself on the elliptical and....NOTHING.....ummm.....

So my wonderful husband has a universal remote that sometimes (I admit) I screw up and hit the wrong button then spend the rest of the time he's gone switching between the TV remote, stereo remote, tivo get the picture. So I assume I have some how caused great distress to the universal remote again, grab the TV this point it's almost crisis mode. While some of you may think I'm being a wimp about this, I've been working 6 days a week sometimes 9 hours a day until they hire someone else which can't come soon enough! But that being said I have about 2 hours a day at home that I watch TV and hop on the elliptical, sorry but I want to watch TV for that time.

Also and perhaps even worse at this point was that the Internet was down as well as having no TV (by no TV I mean I can't even watch DVD's). That actually qualified this AS a Crisis. So I call my happy husband at midnight his time (no, he didn't have to work the next day, unless you consider playing golf "work") much to his dismay. His first question was "did you look to see if everything is plugged in?" Well I did, but how would I know? The entire area behind the TV is a giant mess of wires and cords which is impossible for anyone but him to navigate. I didn't see anything clearly wrong and politely told him so.

His next solution is clearly the best "I don't know what's wrong with it from here, wait until Monday when I come home and I'll fix it."

WHAT? Sorry that's not an acceptable answer. No Internet or TV for 3 days?! I could do without one or the other but not both! So I again politely told him to shove it, and that if I couldn't fix it I'd call someone that could.....which of course he was unhappy about. I finally figured out (after much arguing) that one of our cats had decided to go crawling through the jungle of cords (in search of god knows what) and had stepped on the power cord and flipped the whole thing off! Problem Solved......AND I didn't have to wait until Monday!

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