Friday, March 29, 2013

Blogging Help!

So I've been following the frugal beautiful for a while and I really like it! I found it when I started doing half-marathons at Disney.  She is giving away a coaching session with her that I would love to use for my new website, running4rescues The whole concept of my new website is to incorporate two things that I love; animals and running!  I thought what better way for me to get (and stay) in shape than run for a good reason.  I would love for this blog to "take off" and that way I could make enough to stay home and work on the blog AND raise more money (other than what I donate to the races) for homeless animals.  I started doing this because my hope is that if you're bored one weekend and looking for a race (or occasionally a fun event such as bowling) you can find something to do that is for a good cause.

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