Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The government, taxes, and death..

Ok well maybe not death but I think that is how the saying goes. So a few days ago the courts decided that yes really the airlines had to put taxes in the final price of tickets . Now when I buy airline tickets (yes I do this often, sorry for destroying your illusion that flying standby is free and easy, it's neither) I hate to be nickel and dimed to death, drives me crazy! I would rather pay $20 and have my bag included. BUT I have to say the court's ruling just pisses me off, what makes the airlines different than say car dealers? Everyone knows that if you go to the car dealer the price on the window is NOT what you're going to pay, not even close! And as long as were going down that road, why aren't tax prices included on EVERYTHING? From airline tickets to cars to TV's and laptops? I guess I just wonder why they singled out the airlines and not everyone else?

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