Monday, March 3, 2014

Who Asks For Directions?

So I love my husband dearly, and he's ( imo) an excellent pilot esp after hearing about his emergency landing from a few years ago, and I have the utmost respect for him.  However, he's horrible with a map on the ground, whip out a confusing aviation map he's right at home. Stick him in a car and he's lost!

The other night was my sister-in-laws birthday.  Since we don't go to Oakbrook a ton but I know its right off the interstate I assumed I could get off right by the restaurant.  Wrong.  No exit there, never fear I can have my husband use my phone to get us to the restaurant (it was right by the mall). 

So I hand dh the phone I can see the mall area and the blue dot moving on the map.  I didn't think it would be too hard.  My mistake....I'm driving and at this point guessing where I should go while dh stares blankly at the phone, asking "where's the mall?"  So I finally grab the phone from him at a light (thanks IL your no phone rule SUCKS) and discover I'm a LONG way from the mall!!

So I turn around and we head back, while my husband is completely perplexed "I didn't think that was the mall it didn't say mall"  "I didn't know I had to zoom in for it to say mall." 

All in all we drove around for about 20 min and ended up being on time and the first people there!

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