Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bittersweet Nonrev Trip

So this past weekend I did a whirl wind nonrev trip to Lexington, yes I could have driven but it was cheaper to pay for standby and did not want to add the extra miles on my 160+  mileage car.  I had been planning on going to see one of my favorite professors from college who has brain cancer, and this weekend was perfect timing.  When my friend facebooked me on Saturday and said she and a few others were going to go to the hospital on Sunday I knew if I wanted to see her this was it.  It was the perfect storm, I had time, and dh was even home.

So I hopped on the computer but with it being so late in the day (6pm on Saturday) the only flight I could find was from Chicago to Cincinatti.  Which worked out ok because my awesome friend drove up there at 11:30pm to pick me up!

It was a nice if not bittersweet day, I got to reconnect with a few friends from college, but also was able to see my favorite professor from college, even if it was briefly.

It's times like this when I am extremely grateful for the ability to nonrev, this was one of those instances where the stars all aligned and I got on both flights with no problems.  It's easy to get frustrated with the full time job of being a pilots wife and even easier to get frustrated when trying to  nonrev, but in this instance it allowed me the ability to go see her which I (probably) wouldn't have had otherwise.

*Quote on picture is by Richard Bach, I forgot to add it to the picture.

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