Saturday, April 12, 2014

40th Birthday Pilot style

Dh's "cake" from last year.

                         What thats not enough candles! I think all 40 for this year~

Birthday fun from last year....wondering why its from last year? Because he's at work this year, no birthday fun yet.

So as much as we would all like to believe when we are younger that our birthday is a"special" day, its (sadly) not to the rest of the world.......even on your 40th.

I had every intention of doing this one up big!  After all it's the 40th, but as I said the rest of the world doesn't care much about birthdays (even big ones).  After 3 failed attempts to nonrev places due to loads, weather, and a trip that he got in late from so we missed our flight, I at least had some hope that he *may* be home and we could go to Margartiville for dinner.

My hopes of that were dashed yesterday afternoon, when not only did he get called for a trip they tried to wrangle a dayoff out of him to work extra. No thanks.  Now in all fairness we didn't bid his scheudle to actually have his birthday we had a trip to FL planned which is what we bid for, but it would have been nice, if he wouldn't have had to work.

So this morning I made cookies for him to take to work, and went and got him coffee and Dunkin Donuts to take to work, and put a card in his lunch bag, and drove him to the airport.  I did all this before 5am! I even managed to leave the house to get Dunkin Donuts and have him not know until he got in the car and saw his coffee in the holder, I think I get bonus points for that!

So I think we will have to settle for a nice dinner when we are on our trip in FL for his birthday
As far as the card goes here is the outside

And on the inside it said "Honey Badger don't give a shit"  so of course under that I wrote
"and neither do the airlines but I do!"

Dh called me when he found it he loved it!

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