Friday, September 9, 2011

Magic Mouse Land....

Of course I mean Disney!! So we are about to leave for Disney World. John is leaving from LAS and I am leaving from ABQ. As for my part it's pretty easy (relatively) take the dogs to the kennel, set the cats up for the few days we are gone, stuff like that, we already arranged for one of our good friends to watch the horses. The biggest plus I have going for me is I have a SEAT!! Now this may sound strange to some of you... of course you would have a seat if your flying there.....not so true when you non-rev. Which is why I try my hardest NEVER to non-rev, especially to Orlando. The Magic Mouse Land Planes are ALWAYS full and have hordes of non-revs waiting in the wings, this time I used points to get there!

John however is not fairing quite as well, though he does have the added bonus of being able to jumpseat. However I doubt even that will save him! The flight he is trying to get on is already oversold, and has 23 non-revs listed! As a side note, Johns new company has a base there and we were tossing around the idea of him trading down there and going for the winter, but the non-rev/flt loads are enough to assure us this isn't the best place to commute to and from!

The flight loads for John instill instant fear in my heart, (well this time it doesn't b/c I have a seat:). But I am not a good non-rever, I hate the fact that your always the last one on the plane, every one's glaring at you (it's not my fault I wasn't *that* person running up at the last second), only middle seats left, and there's no where to put your bag and as a non-rev I NEVER check a bag (ok did it once but that was on the way home), who knows if you'll actually get where you want to go......I just don't have the personality for it, I like to know if I'll get on, and where I'll sit.

John however (god bless him) is fantastic at this, probably a good thing he does it all the time. And he doesn't understand at all my panic about non-reving. I contend bars in airports are for non-revs!

Anyways back to Disney! We won't be there for very long. We are staying at the Port Orleans Resort which I am super excited about, as I have NEVER stayed on property before! We are only going to the park for 1 day the other 2 we are just going to hang out and do some much needed relaxing! We also plan on hitting up Disney's Boardwalk which has (my favorite thing) a dueling piano bar!!!

The first night we are there one of our good friends is going to fly down and meet us, and we are going to City Walk at Universal. If you remember how much I like the Hemisphere Dancer
we are all going to go and pay homage to her lets face it John and his buddy are pilots, and it is a plane! We scored a hotel within walking distance, so we will probably have a few Margarita's, since of course we'll be at Margaritaville!

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