Friday, October 3, 2014

Surgery....When Married to a Pilot


So surgery is never fun, ask me how I know ....I've had at least 10.  But being married to a pilot adds an extra layer of "fun" to surgery.  To start with even trying to plan sugery is a pain, remember we don't know his schedule until about a week before the month starts!  We were lucky in a sense dh had the day of my suregery off and the day after my surgery off, but as history has shown us when I have kidney surgery I usually end up in the hosptial for about 3 days afer surgery, even though the insurance considers it a "day surgery."

So once we got dh's schedule we discovered he had a four day trip 2 days after my surgery, not good.  To add more complications my surgery was out of state.  So we started the FMLA process which worked really well, dh could use his sick time to drop the one trip and all would be well.  What happened was even better! He managed to move that trip so no FMLA was needed, as a side note the process for FMLA worked great, but it takes a lot of time to set everything up, probably about a month.

So I was all set for surgery, and dh even had the next 10 days off!  This was such a much better deal than the last time I had kidney surgery, dh basically dumped me at the emergency room the day after surgery when I super sick and went to work. His former carrier was awful about time off and never had enough reserves/coverage to be able to drop anything, even a valid sick call would land you a carpet dance, it was bad.  So this time was like a breath of fresh air, he dropped what he needed and no problem!

Surgery was about what we expected, and recovery took about the same amount of time as last time, but it was so much better this time staying in the hospital since dh was there with me.  Not much is lonelier than staying in the hospital by yourself because your dh is at work.

Also a big shout out to my AWESOME mom who drove to TX during my first kidney surgery when dh couldn't stay, and this year took care of our herd while I went to TX for surgery, Best.Mom.Ever!!!

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