Monday, May 30, 2011

Arabian Nights...Dancing Ponies

So this is where I would like to work...someday..maybe...I love this place it's great! It's my favorite thing to do in Orlando (even more so than Magic Mouse Land). It's a dinner show and you watch people ride horses. Well there is a little more to it than that, they have a story line about a princess and a jeanie and they show different riding styles and such. We paid the extra p20 bucks each did the VIP/horse lovers package. Which means we got to sit in the first 3 rows, got free beer, AND 2 free drinks (we scored 3 cool glasses in this deal too), PLUS we got to go backstage after the show and see the barns and horses!! It was super cool, they are also who knows....what better job for me right? So here are a few of my favorites.
This was the light they had on the arena floor when you came in, then they pumped smoke out over it, I thought it looked cool!

I believe this is the American Creme draft horse, so pretty!

Quarter Horse...of course!

Just thought this was a cool shot....

Drill team! This is what I would love to do!

Demon Horse! Of course if there is a princess they has to be a villain, I loved the costume.

Vaulting...something I have always wanted to try, this guy got some amazing height!

This was the "Native America" portion..done on a reining horse, the best thing about this..the lighting and the glow in the dark paint on the pony.

This is at the end, when we were waiting for the tour, they turn all the horses out in the arena and let them run around for a while....this appy reminded us of our Molly aka "Hooker."

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  1. Awesome photos!!! I need to work on getting Cinnamon to sit... ;)