Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Up in the Air...

Up in the air...I wish I was talking about flying...instead I'm talking about how much of my life is up in the air!

As some of you know from my facebook posts know I can't stand my job, and not just can't stand my job in the sense that everyone hates their job, I've had those jobs too. This is simply because the people who are in charge are idiots. For example....there is one girl at work (to remain nameless) lets call her Absent (because she is never there) Absent has taken off 7 days in the last 3 of the 15 days she could/should have worked she has only worked 8. And yet I get in trouble when I can't work one day and (wait for it...) I'm a substitute. Its examples like this, and many more that are making me crazy. And of course this happens while Johns at training and since he's on first year pay I can't exactly afford to quit.I'm not good at playing along with bullshit, hence me pulling my hair out!!

And with that we are talking about (trying) to sell our house and buy two smaller places, one here and one in FL. That way we could stay in FL during the winters (and the god awful wind) and take advantage of the fact that John would be home every night. Then stay here in the summer (when its god awful hot in FL) and John would just commute then. IF we do then I would need to find more temporary (seasonal) jobs in both places. Ugh too many things up in the air for my taste right now! The joys of being married to a pilot I guess......


  1. Try not to stress over your job too much (easier said than done. I know.) Those kinds of jobs are just not worth the time, energy, or stress that you put into them. Hang in there. It won't be forever. (That's like our new mantra around here... "It's not forever") (:

  2. You're gonna get through this. Just take one day at a time. Remember to breath. Jobs simply just suck sometimes. Try not to worry about the things you can't control (ie. like absent not being at work).

    On the flip side, any thoughts on looking for a different job? A change of pace is always helpful...

    Hope you have a great day!