Monday, May 16, 2011

Which Witch is Witch?

New Mexico....

Las Vegas (Mt.Charleston area) Florida (Orlando ish..)

So we are still debating what to do and where to move (if at all). I actually have a job interview in Las Vegas with a non-profit as an Assistant Manager (working with horses). In Orlando I could probably get a job as well (with horses). And of course here I have my wonderful job that I hate (well not the job, but everything else about it ie: my boss). Since we have pretty much decided that we will come back to NM for the summers that leaves 2 options...LAS (Vegas)and SFB (Orlando).

Pro's for Las Vegas. I like the job (I have an intervew for) better than the one in Orlando and the one here. Also LAS is not as far as Orlando for us which makes the 6 months in each place an easier commute. Also I happen to like Las Vegas, not necessarily the strip but there are alot of nice places and things to do around LAS.

Con's for LAS. John hates it, much like here. He whines about his allergies and it's cold in the winter; LAS is cold for him its about 50.

Pro's for Orlando. I can still probably get a job. Also closer to John's dad and since he's getting older I actually consider it important enough to list as a pro that we spend time with him. Plus John loves it, his allergies aren't as bad, for some reason, and he loves humidity.

Con's for Orlando. Don't have a job interview. And I freaking hate the weather my allergies are awful, it's a heck of long ways from NM and the mosquitoes may carry NeNe away (though after today with the trailer debacle I might not mind).

So I'm throwing this out there to get every one's advice, since we are pretty much at a stalemate!


  1. I have to say. I'm not a big fan of the Las Vegas area, but it would be closer to NM for you two. The other reason why I am not a huge Vegas fan is that I grew up in Michigan, and it's humid there... I love the humidity. I am so dry all of the time in CO, my skin itches, and my hands crack. Plus... I really miss the grass, green trees, and water most of all! Those are reasons why I am excited for Florida! No more desert for us.

    The mosquitos can be bad (they were pretty horrendous after the sun went down in Michigan), but you learn to deal with it. If there's a breeze the mosquitos aren't too bad, but when it's humid and calm you might want to stay in a screened-in area! (:

    You two will figure it out. Doing what is best for both of you matters most! Maybe try LAS for a year and if you both aren't happy then move to FL! (:

  2. John just said he doesn't even need to try Vegas...we have been back two days and he is whinning already about how dry it is here! If we move to FL we'll be closer to you :)