Friday, August 12, 2011

Ignorance at 35,000 feet

So as I was scrolling through facebook (and also having to work with very stupid people this week which is a different story) I have decided that I hate these people. Some people who are too nice (my husband for one) says "never hate anyone" I however am not that nice, and do hate these people; natural selection should have taken them out years ago!

I think some or most of this ignorance is from people who are too lazy (to read or do ANY research) or simply don't care and want to throw up their thoughts whether they are right or wrong is inconsequential. For instance I have seen people psychotically mad that they missed their flight and are screaming at the gate agent (or anyone they can find) because THEY got to the airport an hour before the flight left. Let me first say I am definitely guilty of this, however, if I miss my flight because my dumbas* couldn't get there in time, it's not the airlines fault, or the gate agents fault. Please don't let me hear you say your going to call your lawyer...really?? Go to the airline's website (any airline!) says be there 2 hours prior. Yes it stinks sitting around but to bad, if you don't like it don't fly...better yet take your "lawyers" car!

Also a little known fact... (not all airlines and not all maintenance) but some, and a lot more than anyone in the aviation industry wants (except the bean counters) maintenance is done in Mexico, El goes on, and scarily on. Here is a chart of the airlines and percentage they outsource, sans Southwest only because the chart is from 2001-2009 and Southwest didn't outsource then (they do now). However, Third World Mechanics Paid $2 per hour is another article (that mentions Southwest) and even more scary I think than the chart!

But what really bugs me is when someone spews ignorant vomit from their mouth....

Idiot: "Those airplanes are old"
Me: Well they are the same age as some of Southwest, USAir, Delta's ect."
Idiot: Those are maintained better"
Me: "Really? They all outsource at least SOME of their maintenance, which doesn't happen at this airline (yet)"
Idiot: "Well they are cleaner"
Me: "For real?! I found yes a chicken wing under a seat on my flight to FL one time!"
It is at this point I start drinking......

Yes, that is a chicken wing under the seat....anyone hungry?

And my personal favorite so far.....I am sitting in a paid for seat on a flight from TPA to DEN. John is in the front and and comes back to say a hi and chat during the flight. The idiot old people (besides just being a pain in my as* and asking a ton of questions and taking enough of the free snacks to feed Ethiopia for a year) ask me as we are about 600 feet off the deck (you can see the ground) "Do you think ATC is asleep?" If I could have at that point grabbed a mini and chugged it I would have!

For one yes, ATC has been in the news in a bad way, and I am in no way saying sleeping on the job is ok; but cut these guys a little slack have you EVER seen what their work schedule is and what they are allowed and not allowed to bring to work and do? For example: no reading of anything book, magazine nothing and this is perfectly fine for 99.9% of the time, but when you are working 9pm-3am in Casper WY what are you going to do? Also a little know fact (yes being sarcastic here) Pilots CAN land the plane with out ATC! Shocking I know!!

Anyways these are just a few tails of ignorance that drive me nuts!!

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