Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slow Motion Attack!

This is like watching a slow motion shark attack. I happened to have the camera out (for who knows what reason) when I saw this taking place, I knew it was going to be good when I saw all 3 of them at the water at the same time!

Now if you remember from At the end of every Rainbow is...a Hooker!
Hooker is not the nicest horse in the world, fyi Hooker is the white one. They look so peaceful drinking together, you just know the end is near!

Hokus (spotted one) is like the Zebra in wild. He is the first one that senses danger, smart enough to get his head out while he still has one!

This would be where the jaws music should start....you can see it coming now...Hooker has her head up and suddenly realized Neeko is (gasp, horror!) drinking at the SAME time! Ooohh nnooooo...........

She can't possibly let him get away with this, so she makes him do his bad impersonation of a Lipizzaner while trying to kick the crap out of him!

And all you can see in this picture is a little of Neeko's tail as he runs from the Big Bad Hooker! Victory is hers at last.

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