Sunday, August 7, 2011

The thing I dread as a pilot's least today!

Once you have been married/together with a pilot for a while you start to make your own "list." This is the list of things I don't mind, and things that I despise.

I don't mind the holidays missed, the parties missed, events missed, the list goes on and on of things he misses. You get used to that or I figure you get divorced, since the later hasn't happened I am just used to him missing (basically) everything. The only time this bugs me is when he is supposed to be off but crew scheduling snags him, fortunately this isn't often. I also don't mind doing almost everything by myself. I am more than happy to go to a movie, go to dinner, do whatever by myself. My feeling is "if your not independent as a pilot's wife, you won't be a pilot's wife for long."

I'm sure by now your wondering "whats with the pictures of the horses wandering around the yard?" This, this is the thing I despise......lawn work (this is one of the things I despise) be it mowing, weed whacking, what have you, I HATE it. Possibly because it 's 90+ degrees out, but possibly because I have never liked it. When I was a kid my mom used to (try) to get me to help with weeding the flower beds, I used to pull up flowers on purpose and ask "is that a weed?" so she would let me go inside.

My feelings haven't changed on the subject as I have gotten older, in fact I think I hate it more now, because now I know it NEEDS to be done, I just can't stand it. And to make matters worse John actually likes it, the crazy fool loves hot weather so he will go out about noon and mow the grass or what have you. I was intending to make John do that when he was home last, but we ran out of time. That has left me to my own device's for solving the problem. Horses. Perfect. They will munch down some of the stuff and John can finish when he gets home!

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  1. Hire someone to do the yard work for you...better yet, just wait for your husband to get home ;) yes, our grass can sometimes get too long before DH gets around to mowing it.