Sunday, August 14, 2011

The less than $100 hamburger.

Looking out the window before we take off for our long 7 min flight!

So for those of you not familiar with general aviation the "$100 Hamburger" refers to flying your plane somewhere for lunch/dinner (a meal), because by the time you pay for gas it's a $100 hamburger. So anyways these days that price has gone up just a bit (sarcasm) since gas prices are sooo low.......also sarcasm. These days it gets kind of hard to find a $100 Hamburger much less a $300 Hamburger, but we did! The airport that is 10miles away from here has a CAF chapter there, and every Saturday for lunch they grill hamburgers at the hanger as a fundraiser.

This is the hanger we had lunch at, as you can see they have restored one plane and are working on another!

Here is our plane, not quite my ideal but better than what I'm going to show you. Let me tell you a little about my ideal plane....1) you can stand in it 2)it has a bathroom and 3) it goes faster than you can drive, little known fact I never new before I moved here. Small planes can and frequently do go slower than cars. I am not sure why people fly these planes, if I can beat the plane there with my car, I will choose my car. I know there are people (John included) who love to fly just to fly, but I am not that person!

This is John and his partner whom he co-owns the plane with, dragging it in a circle. This is about 2 seconds before John starts yelling and then the wing of the plane rams me in the stomach, this is what I get for taking pictures no doubt.

These are the people who are crazy, there is no way in HELL I would get in a glider. John contests that the people in the tow plane are generally the ones who suffer a little more when something goes wrong, but I say at least they have an engine!

I truly can't understand why ANYONE would get in one of these they look like flying coffins and there is NO engine. I know there are people who LOVE these and this airport we had lunch at is on one of the busiest glider airports out west but it is certainly not for me!

Back on the ground alive!!!!

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