Sunday, November 27, 2011

Perks of being a Pilot's Wife?

On one of the pilot's wives websites I occasionally haunt the question was posed: "What is the best thing about being a pilot's wife?" Too be honest I read it and laughed, thinking there is a perk of this? Oh wait the perk must be that we are forced to try and pick his vacation week(s) a year in a advance, or maybe the fact that he's not home for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, oh and his schedule changes month to month so that makes it impossible to plan anything! Not to be to negative or anything, shockingly I have been accused of that :) Other than the fact that it's a job and keeps us comfortable (after first year pay in which he could work at Taco Bell and make more), perks? what perks?

Yes, he can sometimes swing it so he has 5 or so days off in a row which turns into 3-4 days at home.

Yes, sometimes I'm happy he's leaving because he occasionally drives me crazy! But we spent 24/7 together for a few years while he was having knee and back surgery. I have found he drives me MORE crazy when he's home for 3 days, changes my routine, moves my stuff, then leaves.

Yes, we get to non-rev.....please remember this post
So it is a perk but really not as great as everyone would think.

I think the BEST thing about this career (and being a pilot's wife) is that my husband LOVES his job. Absolutely LOVES it. Which isn't something most people (or even me) can say. He wouldn't trade his job for anything. So I think that's the best "perk" of being a pilot's wife!


  1. I co-sign this blog!!! lol...and I agree about the non-rev'ing!!! I'm not the best flyer due to my motion sickness so I have to take Dramamine! So when he wants me to go with him and he is spending 24 hours there, I usually don't go because it takes that long for my medicine to wear perk? not so much!!! hahaha!

  2. Ahhh yes, trying to plan vacations a year in advance and non-reving only to get stuck at the destination and not be able to get home. Perks! My pilot loves to fly as well and I like to see him passionate about what he does, even if the lifestyle wears on him (and me!) from time to time.