Friday, December 2, 2011

My Husband, The Fixer.

So if I hadn't worked ALL day (by all day I mean 1 job from 7:30am to 12:30 and 2nd job from 2-6) I would have posted a wonderful picture of all the snow we have gotten....but that will have to wait until it's light out.

I've felt kinda like crap since Wednesday afternoon, thankfully I didn't have to work Thursday, I'm thinking flu? Anyway I get up as LATE as possible today and feel ok but exhausted because I've been sick. I stagger outside to go feed the horses and it's a balm 14 with the wind chill. As I trip into the barn I discover that the lights are out...WIN! Because this also means that the water tank heaters are out as they are on the same circuit. Sure enough I stumble over there in the dark (after all it's 6am) being chased by hungry horses to discover the amount of ice on the tanks could easily hold the civic....and there frozen, in the tanks, the water heaters...the universe is laughing at me at 6am.

So I go inside to flip the circuit but decide that my husband (who is in sunny FLL) should share in the early morning fun. So I call him mostly to complain. I tell him (again!) that the circuit has been thrown....(this happens often last time I was hoping he would fix it...either run another extension cord so the load wasn't as high or something...nope....) his answer: unplug the one extension cord and plug it into a different outlet he suggests one on the outside of the garage I know where it happens this is the outlet he replaced the other week.....I plug it in and immediately there are some pretty sparks then nothing...ohhh and it tripped too...unplug it reset it (since this one runs our hot water heater and I would like to take a hot shower if I ever get it fixed, also yes the person who built our house should be shot...the hot water heater is on an outside gfi? WTF?).

My husband the fixer immediately states it is either
(a) the tank heater gone bad or
(b) the extension cord also bad.
And that he will "fix" it when he gets home Monday, after all one tank heater is working.....really??? Monday?? All the bad weather is going to be gone then what good will that do me?

At this point I momentarily give up I need to get ready for work, and one of the tank heaters IS working. Since I had the truck plugged in overnight I unplug the truck when I get ready to leave and plug in the tank heater to that outlet.....TA_DA!!! She lives!!!! Crisis averted! One less thing for me to worry about!

Quote of the Week:

"I can fix it on Monday"

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