Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Mexico?!

As you may remember John and I went to Las Vegas NM last week and we discovered a Castle!! One of the next pictures has some background info on the castle in it I won't go into a ton of detail other than it was built in 1885 by some guys from Chicago, it opened and closed a few times. It was one of the only places west of the Mississippi that had electricity and burned down...3 times I think! It is now the home of the United World College, and the castle is one of the dorms!!

So this wasn't actually in the castle, it was in the prism building which was really cool! All the "windows" are prisms and there are rainbows all over the room!!

Castle from the road!

Fireplace in the main room when you come in the door.

I thought this was a cool picture looking out the window in the dining room to another part of the castle.

This was the fireplace in the main dining room. It was made to look original. The castle was vandalized and in 2000(ish) the college spent 10 million to put it back together the way it was.

This is what used to be the "Ladies Lounge" back when it was a hotel.

Again the main room when you walk it the fireplace is at my back.

Stairway upstairs, we didn't get to go there as it is dorm rooms!

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