Friday, July 15, 2011

Santa Fe International Folk Art

As you can see from this picture that is where my mom and I went last week before she left. Apparently they hold this once a year, and it was pretty cool to attend.

This should have been a sign that when we got there the line was about 4 blocks long, and for those of you that know me, this is hell. I am not a good line persons...or have much patience!

Once inside I think there were about 150 booths of different countries from around the world. In each booth they had at least one person from that country, and of course crafts made from that country. This girl was from Morocco!

This was the Hatti booth. The knight and horse you see are made entirely from beads!

This elaborate headdress was in the People's Republic of China booth.

I LOVED these little boxes....can you see why? I believe they were from the Ukraine booth. It was interesting to note that the Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and a few others, all had the same feel and type of art work, since they were all former Soviet countries.

This was the Uzbekistan booth and if you looked closely at the pictures they were very similar in design to what was painted on the boxes from the Ukraine.

This was from the "Folk Art Festival" booth. It was like the gift shop of the Market!!

One of the hundreds of hanging designs that adorned the tents.

They even decorated the trees!

Over all I am glad I went, despite wanting to kill people and run them over after a while (again not a patient person). However my biggest complaint is that most every thing was WAY overpriced. I bought 3 things; one was a Frankincense burner from Oman (which I tried to take a picture of but my camera and I are not agreeing right now). I bought a necklace from Tibet that is supposedly "good luck," and a small purse from Pakistan. All together I spent about $35 and that is only because I would buy things that weren't a completely rip off. If you notice in the picture from Uzbekistan there are paintings hanging, I would LOVE to have one of these however they charged about $3000 for one. I am quite certain I can buy round trip airfare there, plus the painting for that price (and no that's not using ZEDS). But I suppose it is Santa Fe after all. Everything would have been half the price if it would have been in Albuquerque!

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