Sunday, February 5, 2012

What the Flight Attendent Button is REALLY for....

So John and went to Houston for a short two days last week to go see my dr. As you may remember I hate nonreving. So of course I bought tickets. All went well on the way down there I (of course) got on the flight with my happy paid for ticket, and John did as well jump seating.

However on the way back...not so much....I had planned the ticket perfectly so I had just enough time to get in and pick up the dogs on the way home, perfect timing right? Well it was until one of the flights through DAL (which is where I was connecting) was cancelled, which then led to an overflow on my flight, which of course wasn't a problem for me, since I paid for a ticket. However, this didn't work so well for John who was jumping. John was at this point "gate surfing" which means he's hanging out waiting to see if he can get on. I pass him when I get on and say "If you don't make this flight at least get the truck keys to me." We love each other a lot right? So I'm happily sitting on the plane in the front (only have 30min connect), when I hear the FA say "Christy? can you ring the FA call button."

My first thought was crap they're going to take me off the plane, oh wait I paid for this ticket so I'm good there, just my luck there's something wrong with my ticket? Why did they let me on then? So I reach up and hit the bell (first time Ever)...the FA walks back holding (guess what??) my truck keys!!! And says "your husband said to give you these, he won't make it on."

Perfect! So that meant I had to go pick up the dogs, drive them home, feed the horses, then drive BACK into town to pick up John later that night....but now I finally know what the FA call button is for.......

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  1. Who would have thought you'd get a set of truck keys if you pushed that button. I'm going to try that next time I fly somewhere and see how well it works. ;)