Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I am now a member of pinterest thanks to one of my jetgirl friends. There are a few things I like about it, mostly some of the recipes I have gotten from it, one in particular it's a great recipe
for tomato-basil parmesan soup. This is one of the only soups I have made that actually tastes good!

However, other than the recipes I'm not sure I understand the concept of pinterest....I feel a little like I am missing something. I just don't get the concept of trolling the internet looking for clothes you like then putting it on your board, I guess I am just confused....Are you going to buy that shirt? Do you have that shirt? If you like it and want it just go buy it? Now that's not to say I never use pinterest I do like the recipes, and a few of the quotes but that's it.

I know a few people who say it's addictive, I just don't know if I am truly missing something....OR if I'm not missing something, and just don't care much for it?


  1. I use it for recipes and mainly decorating and party ideas. I used to have about 200 links in my favorites but now I just pin them all to one place! So it saves time and is much more organized.

  2. I love architecture, interior design... and clothes, so I use Pinterest to store my inspiration photos that I find. I found some photos that inspired me to move some furniture in around in our office, and I have to admit... it's much nicer in here now. (:

    It took me a little while to find use for Pinterest, but now when I'm browsing websites I just use the 'Pin It' tool and pin the photos I like. Maybe you can use it to pin pictures of places you've visited or places you want to go.... just an idea.

    Are you excited for April 11th?! I know I am. (:

  3. I can't WAIT for April 11th!!!! I'm going to be down in FL for about 2 weeks around Easter once they get their schedules we should try and get together!

  4. That would be fun! Maybe we can meet up at City Walk or Downtown Disney or somewhere.... let me know. Shoot an email my way (: