Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Everyday in May!

So I'm not much of one to try these "blogging fads" BUT since I have been so lazy on my blogs (and really for no reason after all my foots broken not like I can do a whole lot) I thought I would try. Being that this is May 3rd and all I'm already a few days behind so I thought I'd take the liberty to pick which one of the 3 I missed and start today after all are the blog police going to get me? So one of the topics I missed was About me in 250 words or less..... Let's see I was born and grew up about 5 miles from where I currently live. I have always (ever since I was a kid) loved animals and thankfully my parents were (pretty ) open to this and we always had at least one dog and occasionally a parakeet around. I went to High School in St. Louis, College in Kentucky where I majored in Equine Management (it's a super useful degree....sarcasm...) . After that I moved back to IL for a few years, also got married and divorced in that time. I met my husband at a star bucks about 5 miles away from where we now live. I moved with him to TX when he upgraded to Captain, we lived there for about 2 yrs. Then built a house in New Mexico. We lived there for 5 and moved back to the Chicago area where all our family is located. I still love animals as you can probably tell, 3 horses, dogs, and cats as well and recently started a new job with a non-for profit animal group. I have recently started running and while I will never win a race (unless I sprout wings) I do like to run/walk. I'm also a self-proclaimed "Mouse Junkie." Both dh and I love Disneyworld we even had annual passes last year, and it's a big part of why/how I got into running. Ohh and I broke my foot a few weeks ago!

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