Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweat Pink Ambassador!

So a few months ago I applied to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador (running and fitness). I hadn’t heard anything back so I figured oh well they obviously had more qualified candidates then me…I mean lets face it, I just started running and my blog (at best) is functional.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email a week or so ago that wanted me to fill everything out so I could be an Official Sweat Pink Ambassador! If someone had told me a year ago I would run 1/2 marathons (and soon a full marathon!)I would have said “You’re Crazy!” Besides the fact that I hadn’t run much, I’m not exactly the picture of health, between the hysterectomy, appendectomy (complete with cancer) and a kidney surgery or two thrown in for good measure. So for me to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador I’m thrilled :)

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to inspire and help others who want to run, and overcome their challenges!

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