Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things you don't learn in school

So since I have been doing such a stellar job (haha just a little sarcastic) of blogging every day in May (where does the time go?) I have decided to pick this topic from the last few days that I have missed. I picked this topic also because my cousin just graduated from high school so it's been a recent topic.

 So you know those classes you had to take that you it Math, English, History...whatever class you hated, you know what? Those were just preparing you for a job that you hate. As my mother always said (says) "Having a job you like is not a requirement." This is absolutely true. Yes, yes it's great if you have a job you like, BUT the more important thing is that you have A job.

 If you have the opportunity to go somewhere interesting, or have an opportunity to do something cool, as long as you won't end up in jail (or anywhere near cops) DO IT! You know why? Because that thing I mentioned in the above paragraph will get in the way All.The.Time. once you're in the real world.

 Speaking of the real world, please don't go to work expecting a prize for showing up everyday....that's what your paycheck is...always remember "you're special, just like everybody else."

And listen to your parents, even if you ignore them and think they are wrong...just keep it in mind, because one day you will wake up and realize they have been right about most things.

Ohhh and since I'm old now and I'm sure this isn't on the radio anymore.... Don't forget your sunscreen

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