Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 10

So today's theme (if you will) is 10 things that make you happy.....if you remember yesterday's post you should probably guess that SLEEP is one of them! Just an FYI these are in no particular order, other wise sleep might have been a little lower on my list.

JIMMY BUFFETT CONCERTS---if you haven't been to one GO!

Jimmy in Concert in LAS

I would be a horrible person if I didn't mention my PARENTS, they are simply the best!
The BEST Parents in the WORLD!

My ANIMALS of course, animals not pictured...pretty much everyone; horses, cats, and the rest of the dogs :)

Flop in the snow

DISNEYWORLD, how can you not be happy at the "Happiest Place on Earth!"  Especially at Christmas...definitely the best time!

EPCOT at Christmas

I would probably burst into flames if I didn't mention my HUSBAND, but I'm only putting him on the list if he isn't being "grumptastic." (Thanks for the word Shelley!)

Dh when he's not grumpstastic

 HAWAII- need I say more??

Kona Airport

 How about TRAVELING? I would be a horrible pilot wife if I didn't mention that!

Spain at Christmas

 I have to mention ANIMAL RESCUES; I love these people they spend all day fighting an uphill battle and even when they win and save a dog/cat, there are more that they lose, but they never give up! Here is one of many that I think do a great job SNARR Rescue

And of course what would life be without FRIENDS!

Now I am sure I missed somethings, as in general more than 10 things do make me happy....some days sitting down and drinking a diet coke makes me happy, but I really liked these and it was fun (though a complete PITA) to do pictures with each one!

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