Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Golf? Sure I'll Play Golf!

This is often how I feel married to a pilot....

So some of you (who know me) maybe wondering whats up with golf? I've never played golf though I have thought of beating people with a golf club if that counts?. Turns out my *wonderful* husband is playing golf today, which I would gladly do given what I am doing. Now you may rightly ask "who cares?" If any of you remember this post it seems today is about the same as that adventure, just in a different way. This is along the same line as before, with my husband who is away at work gets to play, while I (for lack of better word) don't. I love the sign in the picture, I bought and I often feel as if I do EVERYTHING around here!!

So for those of you who don't know we are (trying) to sell our house. We don't have to or anything, but we have decided to get someplace smaller here, and probably someplace where ever John is based. So they are having a realtor tour tomorrow morning sweet, whatever right? John and I did a ton of weeding out and re-arranging (aka staging) before Christmas so that parts done....But with as many critters as we have it's constant cleaning, and we have no cleaning fairy and of course putting the Christmas decorations away, along with Christmas presents that are languishing around.

You see, the last time John was home he wanted to leave the tree up (fake) and lights on just a little longer since we weren't here for Christmas this year, he wanted to enjoy them......but guess what this means? It means I get to enjoy taking all of it down by myself, and trying to figure out where to put it. For those of you that know me (and now those that don't) patience is not my most redeeming quality....and you know what really tries my patience? Christmas lights!! I HATE them, they get tangled up and I want to throw them across the room....perfect.....John (in only John fashion) put up the Christmas lights (obviously) and I'm sure they made sense to him when he put them up...but for me to take them down without the use of scissors is.....AARRGHH!! Plus then I had to try and shove the tree back in the box along with the train that he bought to run under the tree. The train was actually easier as each car had it's own designated spot...the tree...hahahaha, the tree..... I took the three pieces dumped it in the box and sat on it to close it. Good luck next year John, hope your enjoying your golf game now because that tree is going to kill you when you open the box next year!

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