Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cooking for One...

So being a pilot's wife is kind of like being single (esp since we don't have kids). One of my most frequently occurring problems is.... food. Mostly because cooking for one person is hard, most recipes are for at least 2-4, and if you get a recipe for 1 it's got such crazy measurements in it a mathematician couldn't make it work...what? you say I need 1/2 an egg???

So this is how I solve my problem most of the time...
My Favorites:
1) Campbell's Chunky Baked Potato with Cheddar and Bacon Bits....Hands down favorite!!
2) Instant Lunch Chicken Flavor....I eat this more than anything else..
3) Spaghettio's.. chop up a hot dog and throw in some cheese..yummy!
4) I LOVE Lucky Charms...but cereal in general is good.
5)Oatmeal...this is a newer on to me as John left this here so I figured I'd give it a try..not bad..
6)Popcorn...the old stand by...

So pretty much these cover everything....The problem is when I deviate from this list...for example John's been gone for what? ever? (he had training this month) so I made potato soup in the crock pot (that for once turned out well) but I ate if for 4 days!! And I'm not talking just dinner..lunch AND dinner....and yes I did freeze a serving of it!

Since I clearly didn't learn anything from that experience I decided I wanted BBQ the other I got out a 1lb of hamburger meat from happy cow, cooked it up threw some BBQ sauce in it and viola! BBQ! Which I then turned into a Texas type version and made a baked potato (in the microwave) stuffed the meat in it with was yummy.....the first 3 days....after that it gets a little old.....

Not to say it's all bad, my good husband (haha good friend...but I call him the good husband!)and I regularly try and poison each other with new recipes while the real husband is gone, and even sometimes when the real husband is home. Alas the good husband sometimes has other plans (unlike me) so sometimes I am forced to fend for myself and that is what happens!


  1. I'm guilty of the spaghettios, too! But I usually end up trying to eat things the pilot won't... anything with cheese and/or whole grain! 5 cheese pierogies are a fav and I've recently found these frozen (happily organic) burritos that I can nuke and slather with sour cream and salsa, mmm. Happy "single" dining to you!

  2. My hubby will eat ANYTHING haha the other day when he was sick and didn't want anything from Sonic...I came home and he ate my dinner :) I love pierogies I put my favorite recipe here you have to scroll towards the bottom...where do you get your cheese pierogies?