Sunday, January 22, 2012

How well do you know someone?

So as much as I make fun of John (sometimes well deserved) we know each other really well. For example I went a got a new phone today (iphone!) but lets back up a little. Last night my phone took a dive and couldn't find a signal on Sprint..except to roam. So I thought my phone finally had bit the big one, understandable given the fact that it's what? 6 years old? So John leaves for work today and on the way into town I told him I was going to get a new phone later, ok so that's the last time I talk to him, that's all he knows.

So I go to find out what is going on with my phone and find out ALL of Sprint is down something about working on the network...whatever I don't care. As a side note you would be horrified (at least I was) the number of people that came in the store crying and screaming that their phone didn't work and how were they supposed to call their mom/dad/sister/friend/hooker?? I was saddened by humanity. Anyways since I've driven all the way into town I decide what the hell mine as well get a new phone. (There is a LONG confusing back story here, simply put John took my upgrade last year because he HAD to have a smart phone so I took his). So I pay for everything the girl promises me that we have the right phone numbers on the right phones (in order to get upgrade I had to very temporarily switch phone number with John), of course we can't confirm the numbers are correct again because our coverage is out and John is on a plane. Whatever...

I go home, swap the house phones around because for some reason the cordless one upstairs wasn't working, of course John saw this when he was home...his solution=unplug it....sweet that helped now. Anyway I figure out about when his plane is supposed to land and try to call him on the house joy....mmmm..this could be interesting, still no coverage at our house so the cell still isn't working. About an hour after he lands he calls, turns out that (of course) they still had the number screwed up so he couldn't call anyone on his phone, the only number he could call was Sprint. So my husband who knows me so well, figured out that his phone wasn't working because I had taken his upgrade and the numbers got swapped. So he called and got the numbers flipped around. As he's telling me what he did he said "well I figured something like that (number swap) had happened so I fixed it." We are 2000 miles apart and he managed to fix what I screwed up without him actually "knowing" what I did.....THAT is when you know someone!

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  1. Hehe...what a cute story. :) Sometimes as aviation families, we have to rely on this "I know you so well" factor.