Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pilot Rule #1

Pilot Rule #1 Thou Shalt Not Whine About Not Being Home.

So in all fairness this months schedules sucked really sucked!!!! On top of it he had training which means he will only be home 6 days this month (that does not count the 2 he was home for but was horrifically sick and we had to go to Urgent Care which is a different story).

The last few days he has been whining about not being home much, he wanted to come home for 2 days, in which I told him don't bother. Now don't think I'm awful for telling him not to come home, but it really didn't make sense for him to come home. Here's why:
1) he's still *kinda* sick so I want him in a plane as little as possible though if he didn't blow out his eardrums already he won't now..probably....
2) By the time he would get home I would be at work and he would have to sit in the airport for about 3 hours before I could pick him up at night.
3) Then I have to work at least half the day on Saturday...the only day he would be home for a full day.

At this point I didn't/don't see much point for him to trek all the way home, he however is whining about it, which in general annoys me. It's not like he didn't know that being a pilot he would be away from home! You don't say!

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  1. Agreed! DH knows not to EVER complain about being away. You're the one who chose this, not me buddy!