Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mexican Patch Day....

So since we now have horrific health insurance, it's an HSA (which is a different blog in itself) I/we really can't afford most of the prescriptions I am on...just you give you some numbers it would cost us about $350 a month in prescriptions, and that's just what I use normally, not if we are sick. So in order to combat the astronomical effects of our shitty insurance I got my prescriptions from Mexico. SO MUCH CHEAPER....Now keep in mind I'm not buying anything "fun" no narcotics or anything like that, not to mention those are cheap here anyway. No my astronomical costing prescriptions are for migraines and my hormone patches remember this post

So I managed to get my patches and migraine meds from before everyone starts whining about how they might not be safe or whatever, both come pre-sealed from the factory so to speak. But what did concern me is that my hormone patches haven't been working that well recently, and those are the ones I am used to! Since they don't make my "exact" brand in Mexico I got the German (where they are made)/Mexican (where we got them) equivalent.
Since it seems recently any little hiccup in my patch leads my down a road of death and destruction resulting in an ER trip, I was a little concerned about using them...but it's not as if I had a choice, they were half the price they are here (well actually a little less than half!). So my family, friends, and I started taking bets on if the new Mexican Patches would land me in the ER or Urgent Care far everyone has lost! Which is a good thing, as it seems they are working fine (knock on wood!) for right now. I supposed the real test will be when I change it again Monday but so far so good!

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