Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shaved Cats!

Thats right...I said shaved some people (I'm sure think its mean) think it's weird, but when you have 3 long haired cats in the house, I have learned it's a necessity. Just wait until summer then we have shaved dogs. But getting back to the shaved cats, as you can see from the pics this is one of the happy contestants...also note the huge clumps of cat hair next to him, that is from AFTER I shaved him (imagine what everything looked like before!). When I washed the couch covers yesterday they were spotless, that hair right there, is why I shave them. Now yes I could just brush the crap out of them but they aren't real happy about you may be thinking they aren't happy about being shaved (and looking like rejects) BUT they are surprisingly good for it. I did this while John was gone even, so I held and clipped at the same time with no drugs! The one cat actually likes it and rolls over on his back for me to clip his belly, the other two tolerate it. But it makes it a lot more tolerable here in the house!

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